Legends day at Camelback Ranch

The Dodgers were in the midst of a pretty sleepy early-spring game with the Chicago Cubs Monday afternoon, but one moment -- to start the bottom of the third inning -- was a nice payoff for fans watching the telecast of the early innings.

Vin Scully, launching his 64th season as the voice of the Dodgers, had this to say about Sandy Koufax, who has rejoined the team as a special assistant after a lengthy hiatus:

"If the Dodgers need any inspiration at all, all they have to do is look to one of the coaches. Sitting, now standing, in the dugout, wearing sunglasses in the glare, Sandy Koufax, who normally will start a game in the dugout, eventually work his way back out to the bullpen.

"Credentials? Boy are they glistening. A Hall of Famer, four no-hitters, including a perfect game, three Cy Young awards, two-time World Series MVP, an earned-run average of 2.70 over all the years. Without a doubt, one of the all-time great pitchers the game has ever had and his name is still magical. Sandy Koufax. One of the nicest men you’ll ever want to meet as well."