Andre Ethier feels for Bryce Harper

LOS ANGELES -- Andre Ethier can tell you about the stiff, unforgiving wall in Arizona. He can describe the location of each of the fence posts in San Francisco.

But, after eight seasons in Los Angeles, he is most familiar with the topography of Dodger Stadium's right-field fence. He said Bryce Harper had the misfortune of hitting "one of the least-forgiving spots he could have hit," in Monday night's game.

The Washington Nationals phenom went face-first into the right-field scoreboard, which is protected by a chain-link fence. Ethier said the gap between the fence and the scoreboard is only about two inches. Harper had to get 11 stitches in his neck and missed Tuesday night's game because of general soreness.

"It's one that definitely hurts," Ethier said. "You see that and that's like, 'Ouch.' I'm glad to see he's not too badly hurt. When you go hard for a ball and try to make a play, sometimes you lose awareness. We saw Matt [Kemp] do that last year."