Jarrin reflects on sale of Dodgers

Legendary Dodgers broadcasters Vin Scully and Jaime Jarrin had lunch together at The Capital Grille on Wednesday. 710 ESPN Radio

LOS ANGELES -- On the day the Los Angeles Dodgers’ ownership changed hands from arguably the most hated man in Los Angeles to the most beloved man in the city, the team’s two hall of fame announcers, Vin Scully and Jaime Jarrin enjoyed lunch at The Capital Grille in Los Angeles.

As Jarrin told stories of his 54-year career with the Dodgers, he commended the new ownership group led by Magic Johnson, who agreed to purchase the Dodgers from Frank McCourt for a record $2 billion.

“I think the Dodgers will be in good hands,” Jarrin said. “Out of the three groups that were the finalists, I think the right group won considering the community and the impact Magic Johnson has. To be honest with you, we didn’t know who would win. At the beginning we heard of eight groups and then they reduced it to three groups and no one knew who would win.

“We had heard Steve Cohen would be the one because he had partnered with Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, the richest man in Los Angeles. We thought they would win, but Magic Johnson’s group won and I think it’s great for the Dodgers.”

Jarrin and Scully have been through three ownership changes during their time with the team and while the signature on their paycheck might change, their day-to-day duties haven’t changed whether they have worked for the O’Malley’s, Fox or McCourt

“It doesn’t really change anything for us,” Jarrin said. “We have been through three or four owners and for us it’s the same. Probably for some other people in the upper skeleton of the organization there may be some nervousness but there’s no change for us.”

As difficult as the past couple of years have been for the Dodgers with the McCourt mess, which has included a messy divorce and dragging the team into bankruptcy, nothing can really change the way Jarrin feels about the Dodgers. It is a team and an organization that goes far beyond any current or former owner.

“The Dodgers have been everything to me,” Jarrin said. “They have been extremely nice to my family. My son, Jorge, met his wife at a ball game; he used to work as an usher at Dodger Stadium. My other son worked and sold programs at Dodger Stadium so Dodger Stadium has been like my second home. They have been extremely good to me and made me feel at home. I would like to stay here for many, many more years.”