Dodgers sign Jarrad Page to minor league deal

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Los Angeles Dodgers finally completed their signing of free-agent NFL defensive back Jarrad Page to a minor league contract this morning, more than a week after Page participated in the team's annual tryout camp. A former football and baseball standout at UCLA, Page, 27, will report to minor league camp as an outfielder.

Page previously was selected three times in the Major League Baseball amateur draft, including as high as the fifth round by the Milwaukee Brewers as a San Leandro High School senior in 2002. He then was drafted by the Colorado Rockies (32nd round) as a college junior and by the Los Angeles Angels (seventh round) as a college senior.

The Dodgers have been exploring the possibility of signing Page since their tryout camp on March 1, but because NFL free agency hadn't officially begun, Page technically was still under contract with the Minnesota Vikings.

It wasn't immediately clear whether Page plans to return to the NFL in the fall. Page was formerly a starting player for the Kansas City Chiefs, but he started a total of just six games over the past two seasons for the New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles and Vikings.