Time grows short for Puig's All-Star chances

It might be about time for Major League Baseball to approach one of the National League's All-Star outfielders and convince him his knee is killing him.

If things don't change in the next 24 hours or so, the nation might miss a chance to watch Yasiel Puig, the most talked-about player in baseball, compete against the best players in the world -- at least the ones who aren't left behind in his native Cuba.

Puig continues to trail Atlanta first baseman Freddie Freeman in MLB's Final Vote contest, in results announced Wednesday morning. No matter what the Dodgers seem to do -- clever tweets, voting parties, an alliance with the Boston Red Sox, a Puig Power Hour -- nothing has been able to reverse it.

We do have to give the Dodgers' Tweet-master, Josh Tucker, some credit for his efforts, though. His parents can rest assured that all that money they poured into a USC education are paying off. Here are some of the team's tweets just from the past day:

* "Coffee, tea or juice? No matter what you choose, Vote Puig!"

* "West coast, best coast, Puig the vote all night."

* Something in Korean, which we assume implores Hyun-Jin Ryu fans to vote for Puig.

* And, at 1 a.m. PT, this morning, "The south is sleeping. Time to Vote Puig!"

The most exciting part of this whole process, of course, is the build-up.

Even if Puig does make it, he'll probably get one at-bat, maybe two, and an inning or two of defense. Still, who knows? He tends to have a flare for big moments. Maybe he'll break it open with one swing or throw out the go-ahead run at the plate. As another Dodgers tweet pointed out, if the National League wants to gain home-field advantage for the World Series, it's time to get it done.