Don Mattingly says there's no bad blood with Arizona

LOS ANGELES -- Relations between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the teams in their division are relatively peaceful these days, at least by appearances.

In recent seasons, the Dodgers have had major feuds spill into on-field altercations with the San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks, with the usual level of simmering animosity between them and their rivals, the San Francisco Giants.

Now, the biggest beef the Dodgers have going seems to be between them and Giants ace Madison Bumgarner, who continues to get irritated at the way some of their hitters run the bases. According to Dodgers manager Don Mattingly, a spring training spat with Arizona was overblown, not by the media, but by the umpires working the game.

Four Diamondbacks were ejected in that game, in which Dodgers minor leaguer Chris Anderson hit Mark Trumbo with a pitch and Arizona right-hander Daniel Hudson retaliated against Justin Turner. Because of the teams’ history dating back to 2013, warnings were issued as soon as Anderson hit Trumbo.

That, Mattingly said, is where the umpires went wrong. Much of the bad blood from two years earlier involved three players who are no longer with Arizona: Ian Kennedy, Miguel Montero and Gerardo Parra.

In the wake of the edgy spring training game, Arizona manager Chip Hale accused Mattingly of talking too much during that spring game in an interview on an Arizona radio station. The next time the teams met, Mattingly and Hale spent time clearing things up as they exchanged lineup cards before the game.

“He thought I was egging it on. I was just talking to the umpires,” Mattingly said before the Dodgers’ game with Arizona at Dodger Stadium Friday night. “The umpires, they’re the ones who created the situation.”

The Dodgers have already played one series against Arizona so far this season, losing two of three at Chase Field.