Dodger Cogs and Dogs: That's a Wrap edition

Gary A. Vasquez/US Presswire

Clayton Kershaw: 22 years old, 2.91 ERA, 212 strikeoutsWhen I started doing Cogs and Dogs this spring, I had no idea ... about anything. No idea where it would lead or if I would keep it going. In the end, I made it through the season with only a couple of missed off days, and I feel it was worth it in all its strange triviality.

The main thing I didn't anticipate was how weak the list would look in the top 10. In the first five spots, you'll find players who had unquestionably solid seasons. But then, starting at the No. 6 position, you have one of the year's biggest disappointments, an injury-riddled shortstop, an aging third baseman prone to deep slumps, a homerless bench player and a first baseman who barely OPSed .700. And that, really, says as much as anything why the Dodgers aren't playing any more this month

It seems appropriate to me that the top three spots go to the season-long stalwarts of the Dodger starting rotation, and that the top spot itself go to the team's one truly exceptional player from start to finish in 2010, Clayton Kershaw. He was not only steady, almost never seeming to disappoint, but he was also the one guy who, as the year went by, most gave you that "What will he do next?" feeling. He's a special player. Hopefully, a few more Dodgers can follow in his footsteps next year.

Here's the final list, in all its dope and glory ...