More Dodger prospect ponderings

I'm growing increasingly numb to the various lists ranking Dodger prospects. My interest in the prospects themselves hasn't waned, but more and more, the ordering of them seems to have been generated like letter-number combinations from a Bingo tumbler.

Here are two more lists, from Baseball America and from Fangraphs. As if to thumb their nose at my state of mind, both rank Dee Gordon and Zach Lee first and second, but for example, BA has Trayvon Robinson 10th, while Fangraphs has him third.

I think I just enjoy getting information about the players rather than worrying about what order they should be in. In that spirit, here's one excerpt: BA's Best Tools in the Dodger farm system. You can see why BA likes Gordon – errors aside, they rank him as the team's best defensive infielder.

Best Hitter for Average: Dee Gordon

Best Power Hitter: Jerry Sands

Best Strike-Zone Discipline: Justin Sellers

Fastest Baserunner: Dee Gordon

Best Athlete: Dee Gordon

Best Fastball: Kenley Jansen

Best Curveball: Chris Withrow

Best Slider: Scott Elbert

Best Changeup: Allen Webster

Best Control: Zach Lee

Best Defensive Catcher: Gorman Erickson

Best Defensive Infielder: Dee Gordon

Best Infield Arm: Pedro Baez

Best Defensive Outfielder:James Baldwin

Best Outfield Arm: Blake Smith

* * *

I'm finding the transformation of Dodger Stadium into a supercross arena fascinating, if not a little frightening. I really would be curious to see it for myself. In any case, Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News gives us a look and talks to Dodger Stadium head groundskeeper Eric Hansen about his fears.