The 2011 Dodger Creditor Awards

Dodgers at Twins, 5:10 p.m.

  • Tony Gwynn Jr., LF

  • Casey Blake, 3B

  • Andre Ethier, DH

  • Matt Kemp, CF

  • James Loney, 1B

  • Juan Uribe, 2B

  • Trent Oeltjen, RF

  • A.J. Ellis, C

  • Dee Gordon, SS

  • (Chad Billingsley, P)

Nominees were selected from the pool of Top 40 creditors mentioned in the Dodgers' bankruptcy filing today, with what they were owed this week.

The Big Kahuna Award: Manny Ramirez, $20.99 million

Hall of Infamy Award: Andruw Jones, $11.08 million

Owed but Charitable Award: Hiroki Kuroda, $4.48 million

Medic-Alert Award: Rafael Furcal, $3.73 million

Hooray for the Other Team Award: Chicago White Sox, $3.50 million

"Ted" for Short (And We Are Short) Award: Theodore Lilly, $3.42 million

Don't Take a Hike Award: Zach Lee, $3.4 million

Duty Free Award: Kazuhisa Ishii, $3.30 million

Ooh, Repay Award: Juan Uribe, $3.24 million

Juan for Two Award: Juan Pierre, $3.05 million

Griss for the Mill Award: Marquis Grissom, $2.72 million

Food for Thought Award: Levy Restaurants, $588,322

There's a New Kid in Town Award: Alex Santana, $499,500

Dodger Talk (and No Action) Award: KABC-AM Radio 790, $273,321

Okay, This Has Stopped Being Fun Award: Office of Finance - City of Los Angeles (City Business Tax Audit 2007-2009), $240,563

Jayson Stark has more on today's news at ESPN.com. Also, for Variety, I looked at the Dodgers' bankruptcy filing from the TV angle.