Contrasting preparations

Contrasting preparations for tonight's opposing goalies:

In one corridor, the Ducks Jonas Hiller is a picture of isolated concentration, skipping rope, forwards and backwards. Then he bends over, putting all his weight on one leg, then the other, back and forth, back and forth.

He then picks up the tennis ball and drops it in front of him, bouncing it from one foot to the other, occasionally glancing up to make eye contact with an observer, then resuming his routine, quietly, silently.

Just down the hall, Jonathan Quick is part of a lively circle of Kings, bouncing a soccer ball off each other, the traditional pre-game warmup for many NHL teams. There's a lot of laughter, cursing, good-natured cajoling and Quick is in the middle of it all.

The group is perilously close to a puddle of water from the Zamboni and once can only wonder -- as Drew Doughty scampers through the puddle to retrieve an errant ball -- what would happen if one of these guys slipped and tore a multi-million dollar groin.

Ryan Smyth rides a stationary bike outside the locker room. Dustin Brown skips up and down a hallway.

Opening faceoff is just an hour away.

Hiller continues his routine until his teammates come into his space to stretch.

At exactly 6:03 p.m., Quick bolted down from the soccer game and sprinted down the hall towards the locker room. He was smiling. The guess here is that wherever Jonas Hiller is right now, there's probably not a smile on his face.