Team USA does enough for the win

That was a great sprawling poke check save by Team USA goalie Ryan Miller less than a minute into the final period, preserving the 3-0 lead for his team over Switzerland.

Team USA takes its first penalty of the game just over five minutes into the period. But the defense for Team USA is stout, blocking four shots. Jack Johnson of the Kings was on the ice for most of the penalty kill.

The Swiss get another power play and it's on that opportunity that they finally break through: A pass from Swiss forward Roman Wick from the right side to the front of the net bounces off the heel of Miller's stick and into the net. It's 3-1 with just over 10 minutes to go. The next goal is going to be large, to say the least.

Great effort just now by defenseman Jack Johnson of the Kings, who busted in for a backhand try on Jonas Hiller and then, still skating full speed, catches a Swiss forward at the blue line, strips him of the puck and whips a backhand pass over to teammate Patrick Kane for another scoring try for Team USA. Johnson's a terrific skater, even standing out on the regulation ice surface in Vancouver.

Closing in on two minutes to go.

Hiller's still in his net. And that's the game, a 3-1 win by Team USA, who outshoot the Swiss 24-15.

All in all, a good effort by Team USA, but they'll have to be at lot better by the time the play Team Canada on Sunday. Too many turnovers in the neutral zone and too many odd-man rushes surrendered. Fortunately, many of the Swiss shots were high and wide. They'll have a day of practice to get ready for their next game against Norway on Thursday.

Norway plays Canada later on today, at 4:30 p.m. PST and I'll be back for that one.