The Stanley Cup goes to Dodger Stadium

The Kings brought the Stanley Cup to Dodger Stadium on Wednesday and took a rare picture together with the Dodgers and Angels. AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

LOS ANGELES -- A day before the Los Angeles Kings will parade the Stanley Cup through downtown L.A., the team gave a sneak peak to fans and players at Dodger Stadium before the Dodgers played the Angels on Wednesday night.

The Stanley Cup arrived at Dodger Stadium less than an hour before the opening pitch, carried by Rob Scuderi and Justin Williams. Kings players mingled with Dodgers players in the Dodgers' clubhouse as Dodgers players took pictures with the Stanley Cup, which was placed in the center of the clubhouse and later brought out to the team’s dugout before being carried out onto the pitcher’s mound.

While manager Don Mattingly was filling out the night’s lineup in his office wearing a Kings Stanley Cup championship T-shirt, Kings defenseman Matt Greene was busy putting on a Dodgers uniform, from head to toe. By the time the Kings and Dodgers players hit the field, Greene looked as if he were ready to play first base for the Dodgers.

“Greener stole the show,” said Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick.

Kings captain Dustin Brown, who grew up as a Yankees fan in Ithaca, N.Y., said the biggest thrill of the night was getting to meet Mattingly.

“I’m a big Don Mattingly fan,” Brown said. “I grew up in upstate New York so the Yankees are my American League team. He was one of the players I always liked. I liked the Yankees before they were good and he was on those teams. I wasn’t a fan of the Dodgers before I came here, but they’ve started to grow on me.”

Before they threw out the ceremonial first pitch, the Kings, Dodgers and Angels all gathered around the pitcher’s mound for a rare triple team picture. The Kings didn’t stay for the game, as they gathered for a team dinner before their victory parade in the morning.

“I’ve thrown out the first pitch a couple of times, but it’s different now being a Stanley Cup champion in the city of Los Angeles,” Brown said. “It’s always fun to come to Dodgers games and be a part of this. It’s special to bring the Cup here. There are a lot of things you get to do with the Cup, but bringing it here and sharing it with the city of Los Angeles is pretty special.”