Podcasts: Kevin James and Bryan Cranston

This week, we had a chance to talk with two very entertaining actors, each with movies opening Friday.

First, the always awesome Bryan Cranston returned to the show ahead of "Argo," based on the true story of six American diplomats forced to hide at the home of Canada's ambassador to Iran during the hostage crisis that began in 1979. (I saw a screening earlier this week, and it's very good.)

CLICK HERE OR THE INTERVIEW. Among the topics of conversation:

  • His memories of the hostage crisis.

  • Ben Affleck the leading man was frequently the object of ridicule. Ben Affleck the director, however, has built an impressive resume. Cranston's impressions after working with him on "Argo."

  • The experience as an actor of tackling such an important part of American history.

  • "Breaking Bad" is nearing an end, with the final eight episodes coming after the first of the year. His feelings on having to soon put Walter White to bed.

  • When Cranston -- a die-hard Dodgers fan -- first came on our show, he expressed interest in taking ownership of the Dodgers in a post-Frank McCourt era. Obviously it didn't happen. Any disappointment? How quickly could he take Ned Colletti's job if asked?

Kevin James opens "Here Comes the Boom," in which he plays a teacher moonlighting as a low level MMA fighter in order to raise money to save his high school's extracurricular programs.

CLICK HERE FOR THE INTERVIEW. Among the highlights:

  • James is a card-carrying member of Gang Green. His thoughts on the Jets and Tim Tebow.

  • James named his daughter Shea, after the now-gone Mets home stadium. Lovely name, but was there any hesitation naming her after a building universally seen as an eyesore? In the process, we learn the name of James' hypothetical autobiography.

  • How difficult was it for James to dive into the MMA world for "Here Comes the Boom?" How good did he get?

  • This is the second time he's worked with Salma Hayek ("Grownups" being the other.) Fair to say she's following him around?