New PodKast: Threats to the Lakers, Kobe's Q, limited minutes for Andrew Bynum

After a brief hiatus due to vacations and a lack of compelling news, the Kamenetzky brothers are finally back in the studio and making PodKast magic! Training camp is a week away, and we're excited to be in front of a mic talking Lakers roundball. Here is a breakdown of the discussion:

- (2:18): After a brief disagreement over who should be credited with inventing cornbread, we discuss the results of our experts panel series; Specifically, the consensus biggest potential threat to the Lakers in the west and the east.

I explain why Portland strikes me as the toughest challenge within the conference, while Brian gives the slight edge to Oklahoma City (the consensus pick). And for all the 24/7 talk about the Miami Heat, the overwhelming majority of panelists still have them lagging behind Boston. Either way, with everybody healthy, we both think the Lakers remain the team to beat.

It also becomes increasingly apparent how little attention Brian paid to my entries for the experts panel. By the end of the segment, I kept waiting for him to declare the Nets as my vote for the east's biggest threat to the purple and gold.

- (17:44): We analyze Kobe Bryant's Q Score, which was recently revealed to be much worse than either of us would have guessed. Over the last few seasons, the storyline about Kobe polarizing fans felt to us like the past recycled on autopilot, as opposed to how people truly feel in 2010. Between his jersey sales, rebirth as a pitch man and improved media coverage, dude seems pretty universally popular, all in all. But according to the Q Score findings, a schism remains, and we try to examine why.

- (28:09): With the Rockets putting Yao Ming on a strict minutes limit next season, we ponder whether the Lakers should follow suit with Andrew Bynum. Brian says no. I'm not only down with the concept, but would endorse the entire starting unit playing 30 minutes or less.

-(34:13): Better odds? Lakers winning back-to-back-to-back titles, or the Clippers making the playoffs? Discuss.