A word about those other dudes...

A week from Saturday, the Lakers will kick off the 2010-11 season with their annual media day, where the usual suspects- Kobe, Phil, Pau, Ron Ron, etc.- will be the stars. But each year, media day also offers a fairly compelling sideshow, as a bunch of guys recognized only by their mothers and the hardest of hard core hoops fans wander like tourists around the floor in El Segundo. Because it's considered rude to exclude them, they'll wear the uniform and take all the requisite pictures and read their liners for TV and radio, despite having absolutely no chance to make the team save the doomsday-est of doomsday scenarios. Members of this basketball subculture will, in this space and others, be referred to as "camp filler," hoping to get enough preseason PT to make another squad, preferably one on this continent.

One of the guys filling the role this year at Lakers camp will be Russell Hicks. Frankly, I've never heard of him. I know, thanks to Google, he's from the Ontario side of Niagara Falls and his final two seasons of college were played at Florida International. I've probably seen more of this Russell Hicks on TV.

Still, for a week or three, Russell Hicks will be a Laker. How does that happen? Is it a good gig? What's the endgame? How much gear do they get to keep? TrueHoop's Henry Abbott caught up to Hicks' agent, who answers those questions and a few more.