Lakers Live! Thursday, 11:30 am PT

Just wanted to give heads up about another game chat for Thursday's Lakers game against Regal FC Barcelona. 11:30 am PT. I'll be there. Dave McMenamin will be providing updates from Espana. And just like the get-together for the London contest, a fun time should be had by all.

Pau Gasol ballin' in the motherland. A look at Ricky Rubio. The closest longtime Orlando Magic holdout Fran Vazquez will apparently ever come to NBA action. Plus, FC Barcelona employs my man Boniface N'Dong, whom I've long been convinced is actually Mamadou N'Daiye playing under a nom de plume. (Think about it. Two seven footers. Both from Senegal. And not only have they never been in the NBA at the same time, but N'Daiye fell out of the NBA before the 2006 season, then N'Dong just happened to emerge before that season. A little too coincidental if you ask me).

Lakers vs. FC Barcelona.