Lakers beat Sacramento: Postgame video and quotes

You've seen the box score, read about the good and the bad, and reviewed the Lakers Live in-game chat transcript. Now for moving pictures.

More video, including Shannon Brown, and Phil Jackson, below, plus some words from Ron Artest.

Jackson on Shannon Brown, Kobe Bryant's performance, Artest, and team defense:

Jackson, on the technical foul he picked up in the second half, and Pau Gasol's performance:

Brown on his strong game, offseason shooting work, and increasing comfort with the triangle offense:

Artest pleased with his physical state

Artest spent a great deal of time Wednesday defending Sacramento's Tyreke Evans, the reigning Rookie of the Year and an absolute beast of a physical guard. While there were moments Evans made it into the lane -- it's impossible to shut him down completely -- Artest did some solid work against him, too. I spoke to Artest after the game about where he thought he was physically, especially after dropping weight last season.

BK: Where do you think you are now, physically? I know it was a major point of emphasis last year.

Artest: Right now, I think I'm at a weight where -- I don't know where my prime is going to end, but I'm at a weight right now where the sky is the limit.

BK: When you're guarding a guy on the perimeter as big and strong as Tyreke Evans, how much of guarding him is built on quickness to stick him, and how much is strength to handle him physically?

Artest: He's pretty strong. Last year when I was guarding him, it was hard because I was just big. I had no quickness. He beat me off the dribble, and I had to use my smarts and start cutting him off a little bit. Now I'm able to play a little bit, and recover and jab at the ball, get back, and bang. There's strength and quickness, a little more now.

BK: When you lost the weight, did you lose any strength?

Artest: No. I was nervous about that. I just gained the quickness, and kept the strength. I think so, I think I did.

On another note, Artest made a couple of recommendations for at-home entertainment. "You go on YouTube, you ever seen the tigers fight the lions and anacondas and stuff? You've never seen that? Go on YouTube, Google tiger vs. anaconda, tiger vs. bear, rhino vs. elephant. It's crazy. That's my YouTube recommendation, definitely. The YouTube recommendation for the day. You've got to go see the cougar vs. anaconda. That one's crazy... I don't know what that means as far as a postgame interview, but cougar vs. anaconda."