Anyone participating in fantasy sports is intimately familiar with pre-draft rankings, those handy lists forecasting the most and least valuable players for the season, based on a league's particular scoring system. Thursday night, Andy, ESPNLA's Dave McMenamin and I participated in a hoops fantasy draft. 14 teams, standard scoring. The top player in the league, as spit out by the computer? Kevin Durant, high scoring pre-season favorite for the MVP.

A fine choice.

At the bottom? Below such luminaries as Russell Hicks, Trey Johnson, and Andrew Naymick- three guys who absolutely, positively will not be Los Angeles Lakers this season- below people I've never heard of named James Florence and Gary Forbes, behind former Wisconsin center Brian Butch, who blew up his knee playing for Denver's Summer League team and has since been waived, behind even Eddy Curry? Ranked 594th out of 594?

Kwame Brown.

Apparently the algorithms don't favor a breakout season for the former Laker, now re-united with Michael Jordan in Charlotte. Next year, though, when we include dropped passes and not grabbing nearly as many rebounds as you think he should as important statistical categories, Brown's value should skyrocket (zing!).

Still, dead last? Behind guys who will be playing on far away continents this season, if at all? That's cold, computer. Ice cold.