PodKast: On the preseason, the best Laker eras and the Heat

It's the last PodKast of the preseason, people! From here on out, every time we yammer, it will about games officially counted towards the Three-peat quest. We're giddy with excitement, and rounded up ESPNLA.com's Dave McMenamin to partake in our studio time.

After chiding McMenamin as a man who "doesn't wear the ribbon," it's down to business. With the preseason officially in the books, we take a stroll down Very Recent Memory Lane and recount what we learned.

For starters, Kobe's health, and how concerned we are about the time needed to round into form. At the moment, none of us are losing sleep, despite our agreement the upcoming November (and possibly a little beyond) won't rank among the best periods of Bryant's career.

From there, the potential impact of Steve Blake, recognized by General Managers across the NBA as a sweet offseason pickup. Beyond on-court pluses (shooting, play-making, more triangular obedience than Jordan Farmar, the ability to run a proper break), we wonder about the dynamic between him and Derek Fisher. We're not anticipating a huge sea change and don't think Fish will lose his starting spot, save a massively awful performance. His skill set fits better with the starters, and Blake is more valuable as a sub. But what if Blake starts getting late-fourth quarter minutes typically reserved for Fish? Would become an "issue" of sorts?

I recently examined whether a Three-peat could potentially make this current Laker era (2008-present) the best in franchise history. At the very least, could a rational argument be made, whether you agree or not? Opinions are thrown in the air and waved around like we just don't care.

With the season about to kick off, we explain why the Lakers could Three-peat this year -- all three of us believe another title is coming, FYI -- and what could possibly stand in the way.

And finally, because you can't talk about the NBA without talking about the Heat (I'm pretty sure the league put an official bylaw into place), we discuss the impact of Mike Miller's thumb injury and the importance of home court advantage against Miami or Boston. I don't think it's nearly as important as Brian does.

That's all, people. And as long as you're online, make sure to order your McTen II's! All the cool kids are wearing them.