Lakers Late Night, plus postgame video

Hey all. Tonight isn't special simply because the Lakers received championship rings, then commemorated the occasion by beating the Houston Rockets 112-110 in a comeback thriller. The evening is also noteworthy because we're debuting our new interactive postgame show/chat, "Lakers Late Night!"

After each game, Brian and I will provide analysis, relay thoughts from Phil Jackson and the players, and take your questions. There are still some technical kinks getting ironed out, but the goal is for the show to be accessed through our Facebook page at ESPNLA.com. For the time being, however, we'll be Tweeting out a link before we start so people can jump on board and participate.

Either way, the show will be embedded into the Land O' Lakers blog like below, along with postgame videos to follow ASAP. We're excited, so give it a whirl.