Info about Ron Artest's ring raffle

As most Laker fans are aware, Ron Artest is raffling off his championship ring on December 25, with the proceeds benefiting mental health charities. Since the announcement was made, several readers have inquired about how to go about entering. Well, wonder no more, because we gotcha covered.

To enter Ron Artest's Win My Bling Raffle and learn all the particulars, go to either ronartest.com or celebritiesforcharity.org. And by the way, the winner doesn't just win Ron's ring, but a lot of extra goodies, including a trip to L.A. to watch a Laker game and accommodations in L.A. It's pretty much a purple and gold Xanadu.

Good luck to everyone who enters, and I hope that's a lot of people ultimately raising a lot of money. It's a terrific cause and a seriously generous gesture on Ron's part. Like I said before, I hope the lucky winner returns the gesture, but either way, it's sure to be a memorable holiday for everyone involved.

By the way, Artest followed his Thursday announcement on Larry King Live with a press conference at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. At the latter event, he shared a great detail revealing how, even with Ron's heart in the right place, parting with this jewelry is no walk in the park: He ordered the ring in a size 11 to ensure it wouldn't fit.

As Artest noted with a smile, "I knew if I ordered a size 15, I would have had doubts."