Lakers dismantle Golden State: Postgame Video

Over the first three games of the season, Kobe Bryant has maintained a streak of steadily looking more comfortable on the floor. Sunday, following L.A.'s dismantling of Golden State, he declared himself fully healthy after offseason knee surgery, while simultaneously maintaining another streak of using enough salty language in his postgame media meet'n'greet to make his video unusable. All is well, Bryant says, "So leave me the hell alone about my [gosh darn] knee." But Kobe, what if Phil Jackson thinks you're still rounding back into form, particularly on the defensive end?

Bryant smiled. "I'm 100 percent, I don't give a [hoot] what he says. Leave me alone about my knee. I'm fine."

Call me crazy, but I get the sense Kobe is just giving the answer he hopes will put an end to the questions. Regardless, he's obviously on the right track, which is obviously what matters. If his teammates can continue supporting him as they have thus far, the next time Bryant says he's 100 percent, it'll be easier to believe him.

Know what you can believe? Right this second? Us. Check out the honesty in our faces. We'd never tell you to stop asking us something just because we were tired of answering the question. (Except this one, ladies: Yes, I'm married, and happily so...)

Click below for more video from Sunday night.

Jackson, on another outstanding game from Lamar Odom, and other subjects from Sunday's win:

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