Magic Johnson sits down with Kobe Bryant, puts bow on 24's 1998 'The Magic Hour' appearance

Other guests on that June 18 evening included Naomi Campbell and David Duchovny. (I trolled around for footage, but couldn't find any, unfortunately. I guess you can't find everything on the Internet.)

This time around, Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant talk among other things about the state of the Lakers, how the whole Ron Artest thing is working out (just fine, thanks), and, of course, the Christmas Day tussle with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. "It's going to be an interesting matchup," Kobe said. "It'll be our first time facing them since their addition. I'm curious to see how we match up with them." By "their addition," I'll take the liberty of assuming he means Shaquille O'Neal, as opposed to Anthony Parker or Jamario Moon. Call it a hunch.

Kobe was also effusive in his praise of Pau Gasol, and explained both why the big Spaniard is such a brutal cover, and why his addition has helped his game:

"He's clearly one of the best basketball players in the world. Clearly. In my opinion, he's the best post player in the game. Left hand, right hand, fadeaway, jump hook, he'll give you everything. But yet he still seems to be under-rated. I think the people that play against him, and have to match up with him, they know what time it is... It makes my life a lot easier, because we have another threat on the floor that you have to pay attention to, that you have to double team. And when you have that, it puts so much pressure on the defense. And we can run a two man game, and that's how we compliment each other so well, because he can stretch the floor, too. So when it's a crucial situation and he and I run the screen and roll, it's a tough matchup."

Click below for the vid.