Lakers poll: What kind of statue for Jerry West?

Asked Wednesday in El Segundo for his thoughts on the news Jerry West will be the next Lakers great immortalized in bronze outside Staples Center, Kobe Bryant had a similar reaction to most fans. "It's about time," he said. "Obviously his contributions to the organization have been phenomenal."

Then 24 decided to muddy the waters a little. "But you have to try to decide on which statue you're going to put up there. Him as a player, or him as an exec."

It's not a ridiculous question. While West-the-player was easily one of the greatest Lakers/basketball players of all time, setting a vast array of franchise benchmarks over his remarkable 14-year career and quite literally becoming emblematic of an entire league, he earned more hardware as a GM. West-the-exec was a guiding force behind the Showtime dynasty of the 1980's after taking the gig before the '82-'83 season, then constructed the Threepeat squad centered around Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal.

Which would Kobe choose?

"Both. Half and half."

Way to take a stand, man. That clears nothing up. So I'll ask you, in today's poll question...

How should the Lakers immortalize Jerry West in statue form?customer surveys