Alvin says relax!

He didn't bust into song, but even without musical accompaniment, Suns coach Alvin Gentry's point about the "significance" of last night's 121-116 loss -- from a purple and gold perspective -- was crystal clear.

Lakers fans and media alike have a tendency to flip their collective wigs after a competitive win, much less a loss, but Alvin thinks everyone should just chill. As much as Gentry would surely love to believe the two-time defending champs have been exposed, and at his squad's future expense to boot, dude sounds ready to hit a Vegas window and lay a C-Note on a Lake Show Three-peat. Like Gentry emphasized, a Suns franchise record for three's (22) were netted, and Phoenix still scrapped hard to put away the Lakers. Might be a smidge early to hit the panic button.

Because Kobe Bryant has complete faith in the Laker Nation's ability to keep this in perspective, he declined to offer words of reassurance after the loss. That, and he couldn't help being a smart aleck to a question he clearly found dubious.

Still, better than The Mamba treating y'all like a bunch of Chicken Little's, right?