For those of you who like to set your DVR's WAY in advance...

...hold off, for the time being.

Lamar Odom spoke to the media before Friday's game vs. the Sixers at Staples, and denied reports a reality show centered on him and wife Khloe Kardashian is coming soon. "It's a decision," Odom said. "If I wanted to make a pitch to have one, I probably could but, I don't know. I'm busy... As of right now, I'm not sure. I'm pretty busy during the season. The decision hasn't been made."

I got the impression Odom was deflecting a little, trying to avoid speaking in detail about something he's not really able to talk about at this point, whether the show is a done deal or not. At least he opened the floor to questions. "Should I do one?" he asked the assembled media. "What do you think? They pay pretty well."

Odom did reveal something interesting about what could motivate him to participate, beyond the aforementioned extra paycheck -- what our grandfathers might have called "walking around money." As it is with his fragrance and his increasingly busy schedule as a commercial pitchman, he's looking at a bigger picture. "People that live and work in L.A., we're all brands," Odom said, "That's just a way that a person would go about building a brand." Very reflective of the world in which we live. We all understand sports are a business, and we're long past the point where many (most?) athletes consider themselves businesses -- names to be branded away from the field of play -- as well.

As you were.