Shameless self-promotion: Me on NBA Today Podcast talkin' Lakers

(Shameless self-promotion? Is there any other kind?)

Had a chance to join Ryen Russillo on the NBA Today podcast this morning, for a good chunk of time. We were able to get into a healthy number of Lakers issues, including:

-How the "What's wrong with the Lakers?" narrative has become a little overblown. Has the title defense been perfect? Of course not, but it's not like the team smashed into an iceberg already.

-Jerry West's commentary: Don't link it to Tuesday's win over Utah. Plus, a little more context about L.A.'s D, West's words, and how San Antonio's improvement helps make the Lakers seem worse.

-The Gasol/Bynum dynamic: How do they work together? Does playing them together really benefit the Lakers?

-How losing Matt Barnes impacts Kobe's minutes, and whether or not the team might actually miss Sasha Vujacic a smidge. Seriously.

Finally, Ryen puts me on the spot, requesting I share a cool, fun, insidery story to gain a little more insight into the team. What follows is an epic fail on my part. I join the show around the 15 minute mark, and hang out for another 15 minutes or so, but the whole show is worth a listen. He does great work.