Poll: More awkward? Kobe's photo shoot or Lamar and Khloe's fragrance ad?

When Kobe Bryant's L.A. Times Magazine photo shoot was revealed last May, the consensus response was, shall we say, unfavorable. The Internet jokesters went crazy mocking the Mamba, and sanctuary wasn't even found on his own turf. Bryant has been, from my vantage point, the Laker least likely to get poked fun at among teammates, but this shoot provided the rare exception. To my awareness, only two Lakers expressed admiration for the pictures. One was Ron Artest, and the jokes here basically write themselves. The other was Lamar Odom, whose questionable taste in photo spreads was recently reinforced by his questionable taste in unisex fragrance ads filmed with spouses.

I give you the new commercial for "Unbreakable."

Sweet fancy Moses!

But it actually got me to thinking: Which was more awkward: Kobe's pics or the "Unbreakable" ad? By no means an easy call, one of those classic "there is no wrong answer" questions. But at the end of the day, I gotta go "Unbreakable."

Make no mistake, Kobe's pictures were an epic "fail." By his own admission, the finished product isn't exactly what he had in mind. But there appeared to be an attempt at an artistic statement. The concept swung for the fences and missed wildly but still, with ambition comes the risk of failure. And mockery from Derek Fisher.

The "Unbreakable" ad, however, feels like a spoof of a perfume commercial. The stereotypical smooth jazz. The blown kisses and finger shushes. The glimmer of light bouncing off LO's wedding ring. The couple (who admittedly register a palpable chemistry) writhing around shirtless.

Plus, the premise. "There's something sexy about a couple sharing a scent."

No, really, there isn't. I fell in love with my wife in very large part because she smells nothing at all like me. Not that a unisex fragrance can't work, but labeling it an aphrodisiac would be a major stretch. Oysters are losing no sleep over unisex fragrances.

I have tons of respect for Lamar as a player and a person, but he nonetheless shares my vote. Feel free to voice yours in the poll below. And if it's any comfort to Kobe or Lamar/Khloe, both still have a long way to fall before reaching the depths of Sasha Vujacic's "walk on the beach."