Wednesday chat transcript

With the Lakers on a five-game winning streak and the regular season entering the nitty-gritty stage, you better believe the chat was hopping this morning. Brian and I were hit with a slew of queries, with topics ranging from Theo Ratliff's eventual (?) availability, Phil Jackson's attitude towards young players, and the odds of catching Dallas or San Antonio in the standings.

Plus, several "names" are available to get scooped up after getting bought out. Will the Lakers be hurt by the Heat and Celtics respective acquisitions of Mike Bibby or Troy Murphy? Are Carlos Arroyo or Corey Brewer worth a cheap flier? Believe it or not, there is actually curiosity about how well Eddy Curry would fit in. I pray the front office isn't pondering this issue. Or at the very least, gave the matter 15 seconds of thought before reaching the conclusion of "poorly."

Here is the link.