New Land O' Lakers PodKast with Bomani Jones

Big games like Thursday's in Miami mandate a big guest in studio for reflection. Bomani Jones (The Morning Jones, ESPN) qualifies on both counts. But the discussion wasn't limited to just the battle in South Beach. So much is happening these days in the NBA, we found ourselves recording two shows, both remain free of charge for the Land O' Lakers community! That's how much we care about y'all.

Here are the talking points.


- Our thoughts on the game itself. Chris Bosh's redemptive performance. The Lakers' fourth-quarter execution. Miami's supporting cast finally showing up. And Kobe Bryant's shot selection in the last few minutes.

- Bomani wonders if Kobe and Derek Fisher are too old as a starting backcourt. We also celebrate the concept of "Joe Smith" and what life would like at 6-feet-10 or taller.

- We dissect the bizarre dichotomy of how Pau Gasol regularly beasts the glass, yet still periodically feels "soft."

- Was Kobe's hour-long shooting practice after the Miami loss a reflection of his work ethic, a reflection of his desire to make sure you never forget his work ethic, or both? And why Kobe's personality always keeps people speculating.


- The war of words between Stan Van Gundy and David Stern, the latter of whom sounded ready to leave a horse's head in the Magic coach's bed. The Commish loves heavy-handed reminders that he's in charge.

- Thoughts on the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the lunacy that is the Mid-Level Exception and why the players will never win the P.R. battle if there's a work stoppage. Or, for that matter, their personal financial battles.

- Bomani has tickets for an upcoming Prince concert. In related news, the K Bros are extremely jealous, and Carlos Boozer will not likely be in attendance.

- With Dallas next on the docket, we examine whether the Mavericks' "soft" reputation is earned or people refusing to let go of the past. Plus, how much different would the 2011 NBA landscape be if the 2006 Mavericks hadn't lost in the Finals?