New PodKast: Bynum, potential first round matchups

The Lakers continue to roll. The K Bros continue to drop ear candy. As a result, this planet remains the best of the nine in our solar system. (I'm old school, and thus still recognize Pluto.)

Talking points included:

  • The impact of Andrew Bynum's strong March, which has everyone buzzing. Is this sustainable for the remainder of the regular season, plus the playoffs? How much better can the kid get? As Brian relayed, assistant coach Jim Cleamons thinks Drew is just starting to understand how to use his body. How does Drew snatching all these rebounds affect frontcourt dynamic between him, Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol?

(Note: This show was recorded ahead of Friday's game, Drew's flagrant foul on Michael Beasley and whatever disciplinary action could accompany it.)

  • GQ Magazine's claim that Laker fans are the 15th worst in sports. We say bunk. To judge Laker fans' passion towards the season and championships purely by the atmosphere at Staples Center (admittedly not the rowdiest or loudest arena on a regular basis except during the playoffs or marquee games) is both inaccurate and stereotypical. Yes, those sitting courtside and down low can be a little too cool for school. And even the 300's get quiet at times. But fan devotion isn't defined solely by volume. Between our time interacting with fans as part of our job and my years spent bartending in various L.A. bars, we know first hand, y'all care. A LOT.

  • With 13 regular season games remaining, it's appropriate to start thinking about the postseason's opening round. The likeliest opponents are either the Trail Blazers, Hornets or Grizzlies. Who would you rather face most or least? We agree Portland is the scariest and N'Awlins is the most ideal draw.