No Coach K in L.A.

The future of L.A.'s head coaching position is still something of a back burner issue (whether because the playoffs are around the corner or the perception Brian Shaw has already been tabbed as Phil Jackson's successor), but for those getting a jump on postseason speculation, don't look towards Durham for a potential Shawternative.

As ESPNLA.com's Arash Markazi reports, while there once was a time Mike Krzyzewski almost considered coming to Los Angeles, back in '04 when Jackson left the first time, that window has closed.

I asked Kobe this afternoon if he ever thought about what might have happened had Coach K said yes to the Lakers a few years back. "There would have been a lot of sad people down at Duke," he said. "I know that."

To say the least. How it would have changed the future of the Lakers is obviously impossible to say, but qualifies as a fun hypothetical, that's for sure.