Lakers 112, Clippers 104: Postgame videos

After reading Brian's postgame analysis and checking out the Lakers Late Night replay, watch some talkies, free of charge.

Not surprisingly, much of the postgame conversation centered around the late-game altercation between Derek Fisher and Chris Kaman, which resulted in the latter getting tossed. The two didn't see eye to eye in regards to a screen set by the Clipper big man, and Kaman was even mad enough to challenge Fisher to take it outside. (With all sincere respect to Kaman, I'm of the opinion he should be glad Fisher declined.)

For his part, Fisher was quite calm explaining his version of the events:

"That's a part of what we do. If big guys are coming to set screens on little guys, to not expect any contact or there to be times where we get tangled up or get in each other's faces, it's not realistic. I mean, this is competition. As much as you're trying to tear my head off, I'm trying to tear your head off, too."

Fisher is nothing if not a master at drawing offensive fouls, arguably the best in the league. He shared some interesting thoughts on this science, including a reminder of how much contact he absorbs throughout a game without a beneficiary whistle:

"Teams run 40-50 pick and rolls a game. To get one or two times where the referee calls it the other way, it's not that high a percentage to me. If there are two times when the referee thinks you set an illegal screen, the other 48 times when you knock my head, there wasn't any problem. But now that it goes the other way, now there's a problem."

Click below the jump for videos of Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

Fisher's value against the Clips wasn't limited to drawing fouls. He also -- and stop me if you've heard this story before -- hit two big fourth quarter baskets and assisted Kobe Bryant on another. Yet another game where Fish aided in crunch time, and if established patterns hold, likely yet another game where fans complain about him being the starting five's perceived weak link. In Kobe's mind, the continuous bellyaching is ridiculous:

"He's solid. I don't know what people want from him. Do you want (Russell) Westbrook or (Derrick) Rose. That's not what this team needs. We have our chemistry and we have the pieces of the puzzle that are in place.

"They still don't (appreciate him). They don't understand. Everybody gets caught up in the hype of these talented point guards and can't appreciate players who just do their jobs and do what's asked of them. No more. No less. But it is what it. It comes with the territory."

Andrew Bynum talked about his return from a two-game suspension, the win and the dunks traded back and forth between teams. Pretty entertaining stuff, even when Ron Artest got a little too caught up in the moment and clanged consecutive attempts.

Pau Gasol talked about the money donated towards the Japanese relief effort (26 points equals $26,000!), his new Twitter account and the win over the Clips.

I know this will come as a shock, but Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro is taking Kaman's side on the brouhaha.