PodKast: Shelburne and Miller on L.A.'s big turnaround

With Andy out of the studio -- by the way, the baby referenced at the top of the show isn't a hypothetical, but a real live little girl, born Friday night! -- ESPNLA.com's Ramona Shelburne and 710 ESPN basketball analyst Dave Miller join the fun Friday afternoon for a lively discussion on the purple and gold, following our jaunt into the studio for this week's edition of The Triangle.

We start off by dissecting the post-All-Star run, now up to 17 wins in 18 tries following Friday's win over Utah (and at that point a rather ho-hum 16 of 17). Miller, looking at it from a coach's perspective, expresses the frustration they've ripped off such a great run after displaying so little consistency earlier this season. From there, we segue into a conversation about Andrew Bynum. Did the Lakers really change their defense, or did they just do enough to boost Bynum's belief in the importance of the role they've always wanted him to play?

From there, it's on to other questions and issues:

  • What is and isn't sustainable about their current level of play?

  • What allows a team to turn the ball over as infrequently as the Lakers have? An incredible 9.7 per game in March?

  • Shelburne, who wrote a great feature on Ron Artest and what turned around his season, gets into what the Lakers did to reach him, both on and off the floor.

  • What should people expect from the Lakers down the stretch?

Plus, a cackling John Ireland, and Gibbonswood!