Lakers lose to Utah -- Postgame video

"They came after us in the second half and outplayed us, simple as that. Of course, twenty turnovers, and they got some offensive rebounds. It hurt us down the stretch," Phil Jackson said. "We didn't execute what we practiced today, and that's something the coaches aren't happy about."

"This is our worst game of the year, by far," said Lamar Odom.

"With us it's so weird. You can't really place it, outside of just saying today we didn't show up," said Andrew Bynum. "I just think we go out there and sleepwalk, and think we can win."

"Just B.S.-ing. That's what it is the last two games. B.S.-ing," noted Kobe Bryant.

Hard to argue with any of them following Tuesday's clunker at home against the Jazz, although Bynum seemed to think there might be some wiggle room in the whole "worst game" category. "This one, it's definitely top three." And unfortunately, it threatens to undo some of the good work the Lakers have done since the All-Star break, relative to their final seeding in the playoffs. Nothing worse than a second seed out West seems likely, short of something catastrophic, but L.A. has a pair of Eastern Conference teams tight in the rear view mirror in Miami and Boston.

Can't quite take the foot off the gas.

As for the final play of the game, Kobe had a simple explanation for his turnover. "It slipped. [The ball] slipped out of my hand. Hard to argue with that, too.

Click below for more video, from Derek Fisher, Odom, and Bynum.

After a disappointing loss, little compares to the candor of Bynum, and Tuesday was no different. Drew certainly didn't pull any punches describing a bad night from the Lakers, particularly on the offensive side of the ball.

Odom, on the bad showing, and how it's not representative of their character as a team:

Fisher, on the loss, and how the turnovers have contributed to a lack of offensive rhythm over the last two games: