Andrew Bynum leaves Tuesday's game with knee hyperextension

It's the fear always lurking the back (or middle, or very likely the front) of every Lakers fan -- a pre-postseason injury to Andrew Bynum.

It's far too early to forecast any significant problems, but Bynum was forced from Tuesday's game against the Spurs at Staples in the second quarter, after stepping on DeJuan Blair's foot and falling awkwardly underneath the Lakers' basket. He was diagnosed with a hyperextension of his right knee -- the one surgically repaired last summer -- won't play again Tuesday night, nor travel with the team to Sacramento ahead of Wednesday's game with the Kings.

Instead, Bynum will remain in L.A. and undergo an MRI exam, scheduled for 11 a.m. Wednesday.

If you missed it, here's the video. Obviously this has the potential to be monumentally significant news. The extent to which Bynum is able to play, and more important play well, has a massive influence on the team's playoff prospects. Not that the Lakers can't win without Bynum at full strength (they've done it before), but it's a vastly more difficult proposition.

For the time being, Lakers fans are in a familiar spot in regards to Bynum: Wait and see.