Lakers 102, Spurs 93: Postgame videos

Brian provided the postgame analysis. Here are some talkies.

Not surprisingly, locker room conversation centered largely around Andrew Bynum's in-game knee injury. As Derek Fisher (among other players) noted, Drew's situation was tough to compartmentalize. The setting was already fairly disjointed -- no Steve Blake or Matt Barnes, a Spurs team without three stars -- and this new wrinkle made concentrating even more difficult.

"It was tough to see and obviously, he's so important to what we do. So to even think for a second that he might be out or this might be the injury that keeps him out for a while, the impact that it'll have on him individually and how hard he's worked to get himself where he's so important to our team and how it impacts the group, that's tough to deal with in the moment.

"But we did the best job that we could, I'd say, in just trying to play the game as it unfolded. At times, we got impatient a little bit and a little bit frustrated, but we just figured out how to keep playing and win the game."

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Fisher also talked about the win and potential first round opponent. Note how Fisher refuses to take the bait when asked about opponent preference, but still offers salient thoughts. That's a cagey vet at work, kids.

Kobe claimed he wasn't thinking at all about Bynum's situation during the game. (I don't necessarily buy it, as Kobe's not one for admitting anything bothers him.) He did, however, grow fairly sentimental while talking about the possibility of the Kings leaving Sacramento.

"It's fitting the last game in Sacramento would be us... It's tough because it's been such a great basketball city. Not a lot of people like Sacramento as a city itself, but as a basketball culture, that place was hoppin', man. It's sad to see that team go, but you understand it."

Lamar Odom talked about the win and Bynum.

Shannon Brown expressed thoughts on Bynum, plus the way his role changes with fellow reserves Blake and Barnes unavailable.

More from Brown on playing extended minutes:

Ron Artest, a former King himself, expressed a sliver of hope the franchise won't actually depart Sacto.

Phil Jackson talked about Bynum, plus what can be expected from Joe Smith and Theo Ratliff, if needed. PJ was pleased with Smith's performance upon getting pressed into rare duty. As he noted, Smith is a guy who knows how to play the game.

More from Jackson about Bynum, plus Kobe's growing level of frustration. The Mamba hasn't been picking up technical fouls like they're going out of style because of a burning desire to fund the NBA Cares program.

Pau Gasol talked about Bynum and the win.