Replay: Lakers Late Night vs. New Orleans, Game 3

Huzzah! Just as the Lakers rolled Friday night in Game 3 against New Orleans, so too did we, at least from a technological standpoint. Whatever planets must align allowing our technology to spit out a replay of the show have done so. As a result, for those missing the fun Friday night, it's available for you now.

Among the topics covered, once we get past talking about Mike Tirico's shoutout to the blog during the second half of the ESPN broadcast:

  • Was Friday night the breakthrough game Pau Gasol needed? What about Andrew Bynum's health?

  • What were the keys to L.A.'s defense on the night?

  • The impact of Steve Blake and the bench, generally.

  • And, finally, we finally got a chance to break down a subject LLN fans have long hoped we would: Andy's grade school tetherball career.