Replay: Lakers Late Night vs. New Orleans, Game 6

The Lakers polished off the Hornets in New Orleans Thursday night with a 98-80 win in Game 6, meaning they're yet to lose a playoff series since we started broadcasting Lakers Late Night. So click on us whether you like it or not, because who knows what happens if they ever pull the plug on this thing.

Among the highlights touched on in the show:

  • Defense. Man alive, did the Lakers play some, controlling the glass and Chris Paul with equal effectiveness.

  • Andrew Bynum. Carries the Lakers through the first half. If this is his level, the champs are in very good shape.

  • Pau Gasol. Strong finish Thursday, good Game 5... is it reasonable to take the fingers off the panic button?

  • Looking ahead to the next series. As we shot, we weren't sure of an opponent, but fortunately spent most of our time talking about the Mavs, showing some faith they wouldn't blow their lead.

Plus, questions about Andy's fashion sense, and devastating mongoose attacks. Hope you enjoy it.