Mavericks 96, Lakers 94: Postgame videos

"I'm highly concerned," said Kobe Bryant when asked how alarmed he was over the Game 1 loss. "This team can beat us. It's clear. We have to come out to play Game 2."

As for any notion that past experience being down 0-1 will help the Lakers, The Mamba would agree to disagree.

"I don't think it helps," Kobe insisted. "I think if anything, it can hurt because you get complacent. You get overconfident that Game 2 is a formality and that you're going to go in and win it. We have to still have that sense of urgency and significance to win Game 2."

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"Well, we went in the locker room and felt like we gave it away," said Jackson after the loss." I'm not so sure Dallas didn't outplay us, but I just felt like we gave it away. A couple misplays on the offensive end and the foul at the end to put them on the line kind of makes it difficult to win those kind of games."

"We should have been able to control that stretch better and we didn't," said Gasol of the 16 point lead blown in the third quarter. "We just let them get really close and at the end obviously it was a really bad turnout for us. It was a tough loss because we should have won that game.

"But give them credit. They fought back and got the W."

The Lakers are no strangers to blown leads, often those of the inexplicable variety. However, an enviable resume of success means by definition this team is also quite accomplished at the art of pulling themselves from self-induced messes. With that in mind, here's what Brown found most surprising about Dallas permanently reversing the deficit:

"The surprising thing is that we didn't stop it. We seen it coming, and we just didn't stop it. We let the snowball roll all the way down the hill."

Individually and collectively, Bynum didn't like a lot of what he saw during the loss. In particular, he called out his own lack of energy and aggressiveness, plus lapses of awareness which led to easy buckets for Dallas.