Kobe, meet Pollyanna. Pollyanna, meet Kobe. (video)

"I might be sick in the head or crazy, because I think we're still going to win the series. I might be nuts."

No, Kobe Bryant, you're none of those things (well, maybe nuts), but you're also extremely unlikely to be proven correct. Not with the Lakers losing three straight against the Mavericks, putting their 2011 postseason record at a less-than-stellar 4-5. Not when no team in NBA history has managed to erase a 3-0 deficit, and particularly when these Lakers don't seem capable of beating anyone four times in row, let alone a talented, deep, and red-hot Dallas squad. Still, Bryant said, the proverbial journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step.

"Win on Sunday, go back home, and see if they can win in L.A."

More on Game 3 below, particularly the defensive breakdowns plaguing the Lakers through the fourth quarter, the timely nature of Dallas' shooting, Dirk Nowitzki, missing Ron Artest, and so on...