Derek Fisher on team failings, Phil Jackson, and the CBA

I realize we're dipping back into Tuesday's exit interviews, here (our video processing department- that would be us- is a little backed up at the moment) but, not surprisingly, Derek Fisher had some very interesting things to say not only about Phil Jackson, the failings of the 2010-11 season, and whether the team could be competitive next season as currently constructed... but also if there will be a next season in which to try.

Fisher, president of the Player's Association and dressed like a guy about to roll into a summer's worth of business meetings, didn't sound terribly optimistic, meaning anyone ready to juggle his schedule to accommodate the Oct. 9 preseason opener in Fresno might want to hold off for a bit.

Here, he talks about what went wrong, and his feelings about losing Jackson:

More from Fisher on Jackson:

Click below for his feelings about Brian Shaw, and comments on the CBA...

Fisher on the concept of retiring at this point, and Shaw's qualities as a potential coach:

Fisher on the CBA: