The Triangle: Meeting Mike Brown

Mike Brown was introduced to the L.A. media and Lakers fans Tuesday afternoon. What did we learn? Dave McMenamin joins us to break down all the big questions surrounding the early days of Brown's Lakers.

Among the questions asked:

  1. First impressions? We all thought he did well fielding about 40 minutes worth of questions, but as I wrote the other day, Brown is stepping into a situation where many are ready to pounce on the first signs he's in over his head. It's tough enough to be the coach of the Lakers. It's especially tough when vast swaths of fans and media think you're the wrong guy.

  2. What about the offense? Brown laid out some of his basic philosophies, and referenced his days in San Antonio as a potential model. Plenty of questions remain, and as much as the Lakers need help defensively, they had their problems scoring, too, and can't afford a mediocre attack next season.

  3. Do the Lakers have the personnel to play defense the way Brown wants? Given what appears to be a limited amount of flexibility available to significantly alter the roster, it's an important consideration.