Kamenetzky Brothers Land O' Lakers Podkast: Roadie, toughness, "Halfway there" thoughts

The Lakers have conversations with the President. The Kamenetzkys have conversations with each other. You decide who enjoys the more glamorous lifestyle.

-(2:20 mark): Barely a couple minute's worth of conversation about apocalyptic road movies passed before noticing Steve Mason peering through the studio door's window, nosed pressed against the glass like a sad puppy wanting to be let inside. After being allowed to crash the party, Mase criticized the Lakers' play over the road trip's opening three games.

-(5:41): No doubt, the Lakers haven't been great on the road this year nor as sharp in general, but how concerning is this early development? We debate the "somewhat-to-fairly" (Brian) vs. the "wake me in March if they're still having problems" (Andy).

-(12:16): Oh, "Silent P." You tricky, yet cowardly, son of a gun.

-(13:50): The age old discussion: Are the Lakers soft? Or is the question itself just a recycling of cliche?

-(18:07): Ron Artest's problematic plantar fasciitis (and according to Phil Jackson, problematic shoes) are clearly affecting his play. Should he (or other injured players) sit out a few games?

-(21:57) With the season 44 games in the books, Brian and I share our "halfway there" (more or less) thoughts. What has been the season's most overblown story? The most glossed over? Biggest surprise? Biggest disappointment? Letter grades!