New podkast w/Dave McMenamin: The draft, Metta World Peace and the lockout

This week's batch of ear candy, featuring our buddy and ESPNLA Lakers beat writer Dave McMenamin. Among the talking points?

- Who says Kobe is the only dude who puts in after hours shooting work? As it turns out, BK and Dave spent the wee hours of draft night chucking three-pointers at the Lakers' facility in El Segundo. Unfortunately, neither of them fared as well as, in our opinion, the Lakers with their second round selections. While we'd all prefer a Darius Morris-Andrew Goudelock hybrid created by mad science, as individual players, both seem like solid picks in the 40s.

- In the meantime, the Lakers didn't make any of the moves rumored to be possible. (Lamar Odom for Andre Iguodala or Ray Felton or Monta Ellis, Pau Gasol for assorted goods from the Timberwolves, etc.) None of us expected a deal last Thursday, blockbuster or even small, and explain why.

- We discuss the potential ramifications of Ron Artest's petition to change his name to "Metta World Peace." How do we refer to him during casual conversation? Is this a decision in earnest or a naked attention grab? Is this the last straw for Laker fans if he plays poorly? Will the Laker Nation stage a powerful enough letter writing campaign to put the kibosh on matters?

- There's no question a lockout of some kind is inevitable, but for how long? We debate the potential amount of games missed, and who ultimately needs to offer what concessions. When Dave goes into "Lockout McMenamin" mode, how rowdy will his beard become?