Do it, Mitch!!!

The comments section of my earlier post about free agent shooting guards included the following gem from LO'L regular JohnRobertPerry (or as he's often known, "LongTimeLakerFan"):

"I've decided to abandon reality in trade proposals for the day (to celebrate some of the ludicrous trades people have been proposing). Here's how the Lakers can get the backup SG they need... and they can get a backup PF in the deal:


It works in the trade machine so it must be a legitimate trade - Make it happen Mitch."

I don't want to ruin the surprise before readers click the link, but I think they'll agree everything from the satire to the phrasing ("backup PF," "backup SG") to the 2-for-1 exchange to the step taken by the Lakers' trade partner to ensure salaries match is nothing short of genius.

In tweaked Comic Book Guy parlance...

Best... ludicrous trade... ev-ver!

Oh, and make sure to check out "Hollinger's analysis," too.