Zen Master speaks: PJ with Cowherd, Magic

Lakers head coach Phil Jackson appeared Thursday morning on "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd, hitting on a few juicy topics over 11 minutes of conversation. First, Andrew Bynum. How long, Jackson is asked, are you willing to wait for Drew to reach his potential. Is there any frustration there?

"Not at all. We consider Drew a great fortune for us. He is a player who is, I don't want to call him a learner anymore because this is his fifth year... but he's still a player that has not learned all the things there are to learn in this game. Last night (in L.A.'s win over Indiana), for example, he used a move that he's been practicing on with his left hand to dunk the ball over the top of (Roy) Hibbert. It was one of those things where we looked at each other and said, "That's a real growth step..."

On the potential of acquiring a finished product in Chris Bosh for a growing product in Bynum:

"It doesn't make any sense in the structural way to run a basketball team to take that kind of a risk, when you have a player who's a free agent and you have a player who's signed for a long duration. There are no guarantees. Everybody thinks there are, but there are none. We've played together for a considerable amount of time, and we're doing pretty well. There have been some games where there have been some learning processes (for the team's bigs)... but we're happy with our personnel in that department right now."

On what he might do this time around when his career on the sidelines is over:

"I'm going to probably sit down in my study in Montana and put together something I've been thinking about writing. I'll probably do that, initially. Step back and take a look at it at a distance. Try to stay involved, perhaps with the Lakers as a consultant, or involved in basketball at some level where I've got a connection. The Lakers are the obvious choice. I have a home in southern California. It's a nice option to have when you think about Montana as a summer option... I have no desire to be a corporate motivational speaker."

Should you prefer your Zen Master in visual form, here's a taste of what I'm assuming is a longer conversation with Magic Johnson. (I doubt they bothered getting these two giants together and only taped for 1:41.) In the clip, we learn a) PJ doesn't watch Leno, b) thought Michael Jordan's HOF speech was "totally Michael," and c) when it comes to competitiveness, Jordan and Kobe have a great deal in common. But what strikes me is how hard it apparently is to frame a shot where a 6'9" guy interviews a 6'8" guy. If either decided to cross his legs, he'd have kicked the other in the head.