Ron Artest and "Dancing with the Stars"?

David Stern and Billy Hunter will once again hit the negotiating table next week, but fans are still looking for indications on how long this whole lockout thing might last. One sign of a potentially protracted labor battle would be Kobe Bryant actually deciding to play in Turkey, or anywhere else for that matter.

Another? Ron Artest busting a pasodoble on Dancing with the Stars.

TMZ reports Artest-- Metta World Peace by then if I remember the name change time line correctly-- is in negotiations to join the next cast of the show, taping this fall. I've never watched, but fully admit I'd tune in for that. Unfortunately, if given the opportunity it means the basketball season is truly in peril. Typically, the show starts in October and runs through November, meaning an end to the work stoppage ends Artest's apparent dreams of learning to dance, then bringing said dance (along with rock music) back to a small western town where it has been banned by the local, ultra-conservative preacher*.

Stay tuned.

*Might be Artest's dream, might be the plot of "Footloose."