Some lockout numbers for the Lakers

With the first two weeks of the 2012 season now officially in the wind, here are some numbers reflecting the damage and what the Lakers and Lakers fans will be missing:

Total lost salaries for each Laker still under contract, along with career earnings in parentheses

Kobe Bryant: $2,078,917.65 ($196,915,615)

Pau Gasol: $1,541,165.29 ($99,574,396)

Andrew Bynum: $1,248,278.46 ($35,087,258)

Lamar Odom: $732,941.176 ($98,867,658)

Metta World Peace: 559,229.176 ($58,363,460)

Luke Walton: $467,764.706 ($22,131,977)

Steve Blake: $329,411.765 (20,746,977)

Derek Fisher: $280,000 ($57,842,000)

Matt Barnes: $156,470.59 ($9,441,917)

Derrick Caracter (roster spot presumed): $64,965.93 ($473,604)

Devin Ebanks (roster spot presumed): $60,646.35 ($473,604)

(Note: I formulate the lost money using a formula suggested by salary cap guru Larry Coon. 2011-2012 salaries are courtesy of Hoopshype.com, and career earnings from basketball-reference.com, which acknowledges their figures may be somewhat incomplete. Game paychecks lost to suspension may not be accounted for, but a reasonably accurate picture is nonetheless provided.)

$677,272: The additional cash Bynum will lose this season after eventually serving his five-game suspension for decking J.J. Barea in the playoffs. For Drew, the total damage comes to $1,925,550.46 ... and perhaps counting.

$0: The money lost by Lakers rookies Darius Morris and Andrew Goudelock, who have yet to earn a dime in the NBA. Of course, with that lack of financial penalty comes an obvious catch.

2,115: Using webflyer.com, the total road trip miles untraveled for the Lakers during the lockout. (L.A. to Oakland, Oakland to Phoenix, Phoenix to L.A., L.A. to Sacto, Sacto to L.A.)

166: The amount of shots Kobe would have taken based on the average FGA (20.75) since the 2008 season, then multiplied by the eight games missed.

210: The estimated number of points Kobe would have scored based on his cumulative point total since the 2008 season (8,572), divided by four, then divided by 82 games, then multiplied by the eight games he'll miss.

519: The number of points Kobe would need to pass Shaquille O'Neal for 5th on the all-time scoring list, should the above estimate hold.

8 (maximum), 1 minimum, depending on his fashion impulses: The different color of eyeglasses we might have seen on Mike Brown's face. The new Lakers coach always wears frames to match his suits, and he apparently has a lot of both to choose from.

4: The number of games missed against 2011 playoff teams. (Oklahoma City, New Orleans, San Antonio, Denver)

94,700: The number of empty seats inside Staples Center during the five home games missed. The number up for grabs is 18,997, and the Lakers averaged 99.7 percent capacity last year.