Hollinger scouting reports, and a Lakers 5-on-5

If you missed it, John Hollinger has released his perpetually fascinating player scouting reports for this season's Lakers team (Insider required). Whether regarding the Lakers or other teams around the league, they're always among my favorite yearly NBA reads.

From there, Andy and I participated in today's 5-on-5 roundtable discussion on the Lakers, with ESPN.com's J.A. Adande, ESPNLA's Lakers beat writer Dave McMenamin, and Darius Soriano of TrueHoop's Forum Blue and Gold.

The five questions on the docket:

  1. For which Laker is the 2011-12 season most important?

  2. Who is the most intriguing player on the Lakers roster?

  3. What's the most surprising take in Hollinger's Lakers profiles?

  4. What do the Lakers need most?

  5. Will a shortened season help or hurt the Lakers?

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